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  • You struggle to consistently take time out for yourself

  • You find it hard to get in shape and stay in shape

  • Your relationship with your wife or partner has become strained

  • You  struggle to be present and undistracted with your children

  • You are feeling stressed, tired angry and frustrated and wonder what life really means for you

  • You have no plan for your future and life is just pulling you along like a runaway freight train



  • I was fed up with hearing stories about Dads that wanted to change their lives, just like you are but were stuck and had absolutely no idea where to start  and nobody to turn to for support:

  •  Feeling like a passenger in your own life because you are constantly doing everything for others....

  •  Struggling to stay healthy in the long term because you can't stay consistent........

  •  A loss of confidence and courage to do new things, take risks, meet new people, and embrace change.....

  • That nagging feeling that your best days are behind you and that life has lost is purpose and meaning.....

  • Thinking that you are not enough and that you will never be enough.....

Thankfully, there is a roadmap out of all this......... 

Introducing The Dads Circle

The Dads Circle is a Brotherhood and Community for Dads:

Where we live lives of Vision, Action & Meaning

We bring together motivated Dads ready to design their own Vision of life across mental health, physical health, relationships, career, and parenthood.

All with the clarity, support, accountability, and brotherhood of fellow Dads on a similar journey cheering you on every step of the way


A bespoke area where you can set up a customized profile (yep no Facebook Groups) so you can link up with other Dads and get help and support, along with sharing suggestions, insights and strategies to help you succeed...... leaving you more time to focus on being the Dad you always wanted to be.

In which you will have an opportunity to join others regularly to discuss the monthly topic, share how your week is going and ask for help on anything that is going on in your life right you can share experiences, get accountability, and acquire knowledge and skills each month with other Dads.

This is a proven powerful system (inside my book The Dad Blueprint) you will use from day one to help you identify where you want to go in life and how you will get their along with tools and resources to track and monitor progress.....which means no more chaos and confusion in planning and execution

We are in a comfort zone and can achieve far far more than we think. Mental and Physical challenges...enable you to see beyond what you thought was possible for yourself and grow in confidence and accomplishment

Dads can’t be everywhere at once - all zoom calls are recorded so if something comes up and you miss out on one for any reason .....  you can access content at your convenience anytime, at your own pace and not feel overwhelmed

Every month we will explore a different topic on which that months content and resources will be based which means you get to grow, learn and develop each month deepening your own knowledge and that of the world around you

Getting access to the right information at the right time is king. We have a growing library of resources, videos, documents, templates, and help you succeed, learn and grow

We want you to get the most from The Dads Circle but if it's no longer for you then you can leave at any time no questions asked.. If it’s not for you there is no obligation to stay.

Our Promise to you: If for whatever reason you realise The Dads Circle isn't for you after joining you will get your money back no questions asked.... within the first 30 days


"Joining the Dad’s Circle was one of the best decisions I have made. I was at a point in my life where I had changed a lot in my life and was evolving, but just needed something extra to keep me on course and accountable. The Dad’s Circle has ticked this box for me and so much more. As well as the weekly calls that help keep me accountable, the books we have been reading each month and putting the lessons learned from these books into action have really helped me move to a new level and I am doing things I never would have dreamed of. As someone who has a phobia of watching themselves on film, since the beginning of this year, I have set up a Facebook group, attracted over 600 members to it and had the confidence to make my first video and interview. This is the power of the Dad’s Circle. And I’ve made some great new mates to boot!"



"Having listened to the Guild of Dads podcast and being part of the Facebook Group, my natural next step was jumping on board the Dads Circle, I was hesitant at first, but wanted to feel part of something, a tribe , group, brotherhood or whatever you’d call it. I was always a loan wolf struggling with social anxiety but read somewhere that, strength lies with a pack. It was the best decision I made. The Lads are a great bunch , hold me accountable and its good to get advice and support from like minded men. Its as relaxed as you want it to be , or if required the tools are there to really push and get the best out of yourself. I particular love the Physical Challenges. Joining the Dads Circle made me realise I wasn’t just investing in myself , getting me to where I am today has had a positive impact on my family and loved ones. Thanks to Joe and the guys in the D.C."


Who am I?

Hi, I am Joe Horton - I am the  founder of The Dads Circle, and I've spent years helping other Men and Dads to radically improve their lives and find Meaning and Purpose.
For the past 20 years I have run a 7 figure business of my own with customers in countries across the globe.
However in 2015, my Dad passed away which forced me at 36 to re-evaluate my own life and where it was headed. I had to make some massive changes which meant creating a system and framework to do so.Over 6 years I learned, developed and refined my approach to my own development and used my skills to help other men change their lives.
In 2021 I decided to take all that knowledge and experience and use it to bring together other Men and Dads just like you. Uniting together in a brotherhood to transform every facet of your lives .........................The Dads Circle was born.
I run The Dads Circle alongside my other interests but my vision is to make it my full time business so I can impact as many Dads as possible.
"When you improve yourself you inspire others to do the same. This impacts the world around you on a deep level, your wife, your kids and everyone that crosses your path. The ripple effect of this is deep, enduring and far reaching.

It all starts with you Dad".

What other say about me:

"What is rare as a podcast guest is to be forced to think and evaluate one’s life on the call. I had expected it to be about being a Dad, my kids and my life with and without them but instead it was much more about delving into the purpose of one’s life. Some of the questions Joe asked have stayed with me and I feel myself still struggling to clarify my answers to myself - no bad thing. This is a podcast seeking to help people help themselves to become better, not just a man but a human.”

Andy Torbet - BBC Presenter, Author, Adventurer, Explorer and Stuntman

Talking to Joe is like talking to an old friend. I do a lot of interviews and often you get the same questions. Not with Joe. He does his homework and makes you think, makes you answer stuff you never had to answer before … which makes for a fresh and interesting take. Five stars!

Steven Pressfield  -  Hollywood Screenwriter and Bestselling Author of 'The War of Art' and'The Gates of Fire'

"What do men need the most that they often overlook? The support of other men who have their backs. All too often, we compete with rather than support each other. Guild of Dads provides a great space for men to talk about what really matters to us, so I was delighted to be a guest on his podcast . He brings a great curiosity to everything he does and I wish him every success with the Dads Circle"

Andrew G Marshall -  Marital Therapist and  Bestselling author of 'It's not a midlife crisis, it's an opportunity'

When you join The Dads Circle you are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you don't feel like you've received value and you decide you want to cancel any time within the next 30 days, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund. No hassles, headaches or hoops to jump through.

I am confident that you'll find The Dads Circle valuable , and we won't make you beg or invoke any silly rules or conditions - if you're not satisfied within your first 30 days then we'll refund you without any fuss


So, you have questions? Let me try to answer those for you...

 What kind of Dad is The Dads Circle for?
The Dads Circle is for motivated Dads ready to design their own Vision of life across mental health, physical health, relationships, career, and parenthood and pursue this with the support, accountability and brotherhood of other Dads on the same path. We welcome Dads of all ages and backgrounds.

 I have never joined anything like this before, is The Dads Circle for me?
For most Dads that join this is the first time they have been part of a community solely focussed on Dad Development, but after being part of it, seeing how much impact it has on their lives and the lives of those around them it becomes a no brainer.

 Do I get all of the content straight away or is it time-released (drip fed)?
You get access for to all the content right away from the minute you join until the day you leave.

 I am not 100% sure its right for me, can I trial it out ?
Yes, sure you can -  you can try it out Free for 7 days and if its not for you cancel before the 7 days is up

 What sort of benefits will I see ?
Provided that you put in the necessary work and use the system provided you can expect to see improving fitness, relationships, confidence, better mental health and overall a more positive and action orientated mindset of possibility. It is likely that your mindset and attitude towards life will also change.

 What will my friends and family think?
Everyone fears rocking the boat with those around them because when you do something different or take on a new challenge those around you will wonder why. Rest assured most of us have been through this and we can offer you the support to overcome this so your friends and family will see that you joining The Dads Circle as the best thing you ever did!!

 Why do I need help from other Men?
The modern world has got us into this mindset that we can "go it alone" which I call the lone wolf fallacy. For 1000's of years Men existed by standing shoulder to shoulder with other men, learning, developing, confiding, mentoring, guiding.
It's no surprise that having lost our tribes men are are really struggling right now, and those who are conquering and succeeding (you guessed it) have a strong team around them who have their backs every step of the way. And so should you.

 What if I want to cancel?
If you want to cancel in the 7 days Free trial period you can do so and won't be billed monthly
If during your first 30 days of monthly membership you decide its not for you there is a money back guarantee
You only pay monthly so you are free to leave at any time after the initial 30 days there are not yearly contracts or tie ins whatsoever.

 So is The Dads Circle like 1-1 coaching?
No - The Dads Circle is a Membership Brotherhood where you will be equipped with tools, resources and systems to help you grow but more importantly a band of brothers to keep you accountable and give you support where needed.

If you want 1-1 coaching contact me directly [email protected] to discuss this either in addition to or instead of The Dads Circle membership.

 Why should I become a member today instead of waiting?
The No.1 thing most people regret when it comes to any new endeavour is not doing it sooner. Just ask yourself this - In the areas of your life which are causing you the most problems and difficulties, keeping you up at night and causing you worry - what will they look like 1 month, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years from now if you simply do nothing?

Plus better still you can try for free and if it's not for you, you don't have to stay.

 What if I struggled at school or with written and academic stuff?
The Dads Circle isn't like school as it's not compulsory - what I say to guys when they join is that it's more like your first day of college where you are told "look I can't force you to be here but if you are going to be here, you will get the most out of it by giving it as much as you can, if you put work into it then you will reap the rewards".

All I ask is you meet me half way, put in the work, try and get 1% better each day.

Ah by the way, the assignments and challenges are pretty straight forward and simple. Action is the key!!!

I can't wait to see you inside The Dads Circle

To sign up today simply click one one of the join buttons at the ☝️top or bottom👇 of this page 

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